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  Website Redesign

Any major alteration to the Website's content, design and or layout excluding the addition of extra pages is what means Website redesign.

How do we redesign your site?

1.Evaluating existing site. What are the success and failures of your existing site? Gather a few people to get an honest evaluation of your existing site. Write three successes and three failures. Then write down your dreams and goals for the new site.

2.Brainstorming: What new and fresh ideas are missing? Brainstorm with a team of people to get fresh ideas. Write down five ideas that came from the brainstorming.

3 Visits on your site: what are the visits on your site? The search engine factor etc.

4.Research Competitors: What can I learn from my competitors? Get ideas about the latest web design, technology and communication concepts by looking analytically at competitor sites. While you are there notice some of the keywords they are using to get the attention of people coming to search engines.

5. Target Audience: Who is the target audience? Decide whom you want to target with the site. Who is your customer or audience? Try and get into their shoes and think like they think. What are their needs or points of interest? How can they be served?